Sunday, April 24, 2011

Make your own Kate tiara!

Disney has provided a printable PDF of a potential Kate wedding tiara for royal wedding wanna-bes:

Princess Kate's Rose Tiara

Princess Tiara

"This printable tiara is inspired by the Strathmore Rose Tiara that Kate Middleton may choose to wear for the royal wedding. A gift from the Duke of Strathmore to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923, it is said to be one of her favorite headpieces in the royal collection. The decadent crown becomes of-the-people when you make one for each of your tea party guests!"

Download the tiara here: Princess Kate's Rose Tiara

I think I'm going to have to print some for the tea party I'm hosting at work this Thursday!

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melbarker said...

Do you still have the download for the tiara? I have found several links to the Disney site but cannot seem to locate the actual download on the Disney site. Thanks!