Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dress.

Who looked better Kate or her sister Pippa?

I don't want to sound like Kate wasn't amazing but Pippa practically stole the show in that bias cut slinky white number. She looked tanned, toned and beautiful.

But of course all eyes were on our new Princess. I had hopes for a wedding dress with a bit more of a "wow" factor but now that I have had a chance to think it over, I'd say the dress was pure "Kate". An instant classic, as one broadcaster called it.

It definitely reminded me of Princess Grace of Monaco's wedding dress. Kate's dress had a vintage flair to it, with that lace top, fitted waist and big skirt. I am hoping for some better pictures to really admire that lace on the skirt up close. From a distance it is hard to really notice the fine detail.

I loved the tiara, but again, wished she she had gone bigger. So many wonderful jewels to borrow and this modest headpiece, while lovely, is quite demure for a royal wedding.

My 13 year old daughter and I were up at 12 a.m. to see the pre-show on BBC America. I loved seeing how a British network covered their own event. They had correspondents all over the U.K. including Kate's hometown Buckleby.

Allie had drawn a sketch of what she wanted Kate to wear a day before the wedding. She was so excited to see Kate wearing something very similar this morning! I'll post her drawing here later. We were very comfy in our PJs and we watched until about 5 a.m. when I couldn't stay awake any longer. After a nap, I was up again at about 10 a.m. to catch up on the rest of the coverage. I'll probably watch it all over again tonight. Yeah, I have totally geeked out on the royal wedding!

Congratulations Will and Kate, I mean Princess Catherine!

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