Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Royal wedding, the stats

According to a survey by

-U.S. singles are more likely than Brits to watch the royal wedding - 40% of U.S. singles say they plan to watch the royal wedding on TV, whereas only 31% of single Brits say they plan to tune in... (That's because those Brits take their royals for granted. We Americans have adopted the British royals as our own.)

-However, 39% said that they would rather have a root canal than watch all the pomp and ceremony on April 29th... (Don't they know about the great drugs you get when you have a root canal???)

-75% of women and 59% of men say that Prince William should stick with tradition and wear a wedding band. (I agree with William on this. Royals don't wear wedding bands.)

-56% of U.S. singles say they would not want to marry into a royal family. Women feel more strongly about this than men – 60% of women say “no way” to joining a royal family whereas men are 50-50. (I say it depends on the Royal family -- are we talking British Royal Family or Tongan Royal Family?)

-78% of U.S. singles are skeptical of Kate’s wedding cake choice and say they would not serve fruitcake at their own wedding. (I actually agree here. Fruitcake is gross.)

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