Friday, April 22, 2011

A very royal canape.

And the countdown begins! Seven days until the royal magic begins! Here's an article a friend clipped for me this week from the New York Times dining section:

"THE 650 royal wedding guests who have been invited to Buckingham Palace for the reception after the royal wedding next week shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about which fork to pick up for the fish course. That’s because they are probably not going to be served any courses at all.

At the lunchtime reception, Queen Elizabeth is expected to lay out a modest spread of Champagne, wedding cake and two-bite appetizers, or canapes. While the kebab shops close to Buckingham Palace may welcome post-reception drop-ins from hungry alcohol-fueled guests, others have wondered at the decision to welcome diplomats and heads of state with finger food.

“It sounds very strange,” said Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, who has attended his share of royal weddings but was not invited to this one. “From what I remember at all the other royal weddings I went to, we were served the best lunch possible.”

The families of Prince William and Kate Middleton are balancing more than the wedding planning politics that plague every engaged couple. Diplomatic advisers and former palace employees say the decision not to serve a sit-down meal is driven by protocol, by palace-kitchen logistics and perhaps by concerns about how the public would view royals who feast during a time of lingering economic pain. Factor in the preferences of a lithe bride and groom who don’t appear to lie awake at night worrying that guests will starve, and canapes may be just fine..."

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